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One capy to lead them all




GM GM GM capy Is cute
capy is based
capy to the moon

Get Prepared

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Last call for the moon mission! Hurry up and secure your spot on the spaceship, degens!

Wen Moon?

Buckle up, degens! CAPY is ready to blast off to the moon! Get your engines revved up because we’re about to go full degen mode and ride this rocket to the crypto stratosphere! Hold tight and enjoy the wild ride, because CAPY is taking us to new degenerate heights!

Capy is here to bring base back to life

You thought I was done?

I don’t think so scroll more or capy gets angry

01 05

Put in Some Change Get a Money Fart!

Turning Spare Change into Generetional Wealth!

Put in Some Change Get a Money Fart!

Turning Spare Change into Generetional Wealth!

Capybase Token Launch June 2024

Launch Capybase token on a solid foundation
Engage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to promote the token
Generate social media hype and buzz
Announce collaborations with other notable projects

Capybase NFT Collection Release Q3 2024

Drop the highly anticipated Capybase NFT collection
Amplify the hype on social media platforms
Reveal exciting collaborations with other prominent NFT projects
Airdrop exclusive NFTs to Capybase token holders

Capy Browser Game Launch Q4 2024

Launch the addictive browser-based game, Capy
Reward top players with generous token airdrops

Capybase Holder Meetup in Dubai Q1 2025

Organize an unforgettable meetup for Capybase holders in Dubai
Facilitate networking and strengthen the Capybase community
Showcase the project’s achievements and future plans
Conclude the meetup with an epic Capy pool party

Beyond - Expansion and Growth 📈 Q2 2025

Explore new partnerships and collaborations to expand the Capybase ecosystem
Continuously enhance the Capy game with new features and challenges
Implement community governance and staking mechanisms
Establish Capybase as a leading project in the meme coin and NFT space

No taxes, liquidity locked, contract ownership renounced. Capy is fair capy is based



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